Our Policy

At Lions Gate Dachshunds, we take immense pride in the time and dedication we invest in our beloved dachshunds and their precious puppies. Our careful choices in temperament and pedigree as well as the high standard we have for the families our pups join reflect our commitment to providing you with cherished members of your family.

Our Promise

We maintain a high standard for the homes our puppies join.

Our puppies are born in the heart of our home, sharing our company bedroom and even gracing our bed. Living in the warmth of our dining room, they receive constant attention and playtime, ensuring they are exceptionally well-socialized and ready to become your special pet.

The bond we share with our dachshunds goes beyond mere pedigree—they are, quite simply, our canine babies. Our buyers consistently rave about the delightful additions our puppies make to their families. We understand the significance of finding the perfect pet for your family, and we are here to guide you every step of the way.

To initiate this journey, a $500 deposit is required. While we don't maintain waiting lists, our goal is to match each puppy with the perfect home. Our puppies are not treated as products but rather as precious family members. We welcome your application and promise to keep you informed as new litters arrive. Please note that we do not ship our puppies, but we gladly offer FaceTime interactions to bridge the distance.

Our commitment to transparency is reflected in our contract and health guarantee. The contract serves as a mutual agreement between our family and yours, solidifying our shared commitment to the well-being of your new companion. To ensure the health of your puppy, they will undergo a thorough examination by our trusted vet of over 20 years between 7 and 8 weeks. As responsible owners, you are kindly urged to have your puppy examined within 7 to 10 business days for congenital defects and potential medical concerns. This proactive approach is crucial in addressing any issues promptly and ensuring a long, healthy life for your newest family member.

Thank you for considering Lions Gate Dachshunds in your search for the perfect addition to your family. We look forward to welcoming you into our extended family of dachshund enthusiasts.

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Got questions about Lion's Gate Dachshunds, our available puppies, or how we raise our dogs in the heart of Western North Carolina? Please drop us a line! We'll be back in contact soon!

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