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We are very proud of the time we spend with our dachshunds, and the time we invest in our puppies. We have made careful choices in temperament and pedigree, but at the end of the day, when these precious doxies come to bed with us, they are far more than pedigree. They are our canine babies. Our puppies are born IN OUR COMPANY BEDROOM....ON THE BED, IN FACT... They live in the dining room, and are played with many times a day. When you have a big family like ours that is not hard to do. They are extremely well-socialized and ready to be your special pet. Our buyers rave about their new babies! We have already begun house training by the time you buy your doxie baby. 


We hope you are able to find the perfect pet for your family! 


Deposit required is $500. We do not keep waiting lists as we want to find the perfect home for each puppy. They are not a product but a precious member of the family. We do not ship our puppies and believe it is very important that each family comes to meet our dachshund gang, especially the parents of your puppy. 


We do have a contract and a 2 year health guarantee. Your puppy will be examined between 6 and 7 weeks by our vet of  20 years. You are responsible to have your puppy examined in  7 to 10 business days for congenital defects and diagnosis of significantly shortened life spans or significant medical treatment. Apply via Select dachshund and 28804. Lion's Gate should be among the first listings you see. Thank you for your interest in our program!


Like us on Facebook. We are not looking for a number of likes. It has just become the best way to keep everyone informed. We still love having this page to give everyone a sense of who we are! On our page you will read our placement policy. We are ALWAYS flattered by family inquiries! 

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Our puppies range in price from $1800 to $2800 depending on gender/color/pattern.


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