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This is first and foremost, I want to breed happy, healthy, well socialized pets for your family. For that reason we have chosen to stay quite small. There is only one doggie at our house who is not shown on this site. She is our old dapple girl. What you see on this site and our Facebook page is what you get. We use no kennels or concrete runs. Only in rare circumstances are our dogs in crates. Then they are large, in our dining, and very clean.


Following in very close second, I want to produce dogs with excellent pedigrees and conformation. 


Our family is a large one by just about anyone's standards! That just gives us more hands and laps to love on our puppies before they come to live with you. They will be used to the attentions of children of all ages. We really mean it when we say they will be kid tested! 


I grew up watching my grandmother raise Manchester Terriers, with those distinctive black and tan coats. I loved when the puppies were born!


My husband grew up with Dachshunds, always named Sam, no matter what the gender. His beautiful red smooth male Sam was our chaperon, sitting between us and growling if I got too close to his boy!  And now we have almost 30 years of experience with dachshunds. It is my hope that we can help you find your next doxie.




Stephanie Wright - Lionsgate Dachshunds



We purchased our first dachshund in 1985 and fell in love with the energy, personality, stuborness, and joy of life all dachshunds possess in spades. We began to breed them when we found the proper environment for their exercise and safety,  2 wooded acres in the mountains of Western North Carolina.   These doxies are lovingly raised as our pets and the puppies come kid tested, spoiled, and ready to be your special pet. We stay small so we can give them the love and attention they deserve. They are our precious pets first and foremost. We retire our momma dogs after 2-3 litters and never have a problem finding wonderful pet homes for them.

Please visit our Facebook page where you can see some of the dogs we have bred and how their new families love them.


We have worked hard and invested much  in recent years to advance the breed by adding champion pedigrees. References and pedigrees are available upon request.



This is their play area.  They are able to get plenty of exercise and fresh air. This summer they have gone nuts over several huge toads and one snake, now deceased, who invaded their territory! We have two large above ground decks as well where they sun themselves.

Our puppies range in price from $1800 to $2600 depending on gender/color/
pattern.All are sold as pets only.

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